Frequently asked questions

We are a Malaga-based company specialising in the sale of new and used mobile phones. Since our beginnings, we have continued to grow, and we always stand out for our customer satisfaction.
We sell all our items online via the website and various markets.

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All our products pass a guarantee check, offering 3 years on sealed products and 2 years on reconditioned appliances. The guarantee does not cover defects caused by incorrect use of the product (broken or damaged components subjected to impact, defects and damage caused by external events, wet appliances, etc.).

The guarantee does not apply in the event of strong impact or oxidation due to exposure to water.

Opening the product by a third party (other than the reconditioner) will also invalidate the warranty.

It is important to remember that the original seal is never kept on reconditioned products. During reconditioning, the devices are opened so that tests can be carried out on the product, which is why the water resistance of the reconditioned products sold is not guaranteed.

Indicate that wear caused by normal use of the device (such as signs of use on the case, buttons ...) as well as wearing parts (battery, screens ...) In the case of batteries, the warranty is 90 days because of being a wearing part. In the case of Apple, the decline in the health of the battery is not guaranteed; because it is a part of wear and tear; however, if in the first 90 days, the battery fails, a message appears that must be repaired or similar, if it will be covered by the warranty.

Any external impact to the terminal will invalidate the warranty and will not be repaired by our technical service.

All our orders are sent by express courier (NACEX), you will receive them in approximately 24/48 working hours from the time the product is collected from our offices.

Unfortunately, we don't have a physical shop where we deliver our products.

All our orders include an invoice, which you will receive with your appliance. All sales made by Cosladafon are managed without any breakdown of VAT, so there is no possibility for the company or the self-employed person to deduct VAT. We explain why below: The law does not allow us to issue invoices with VAT broken down, as all our products come from distributors who are subject to this regime. We are therefore listed in a section of the tax agency, REBU, where we do not pay tax on 100% of the cost of the product, but only on the profit we make from it.

For second-hand products, we have two categories: Like new: Appliances in excellent condition, both functionally and aesthetically Very good: Appliances in perfect functional and aesthetic condition, although they may show a minimum sign of use of no more than 2mm. The only difference between the two categories is purely aesthetic, guaranteeing correct operation in all cases.

All second-hand devices sold by CosladaFon have been checked beforehand at over 67 points (battery, speakers, camera, touch screen, camera, microphones, etc.), with a technical report on the check. Once they have been checked, they are categorised and put up for sale for purchase by the customer.

All pre-owned devices are sent in a personalised Cosladafon box with double magnetic closure, 20W CE charger compatible with fast charging, charging cable and SIM card extractor; as shown in the following video:

If the terminal purchased is faulty, you have 21 calendar days in which to request its return. To return the terminal, it must be sent as received and with all its accessories. To request the return, send an e-mail to and a prepaid label will be sent to you free of charge so that you can drop off the device at your nearest post office. Once the product has been received, it will be assessed and certified to accept the return. If the product meets the return requirements, we will refund you within 24/48 hours. If it is a product under guarantee, we will repair or replace it and send it back to you with all the problems solved and completely free of charge. On the other hand, if for any reason the product does not comply with our return or guarantee policy, we will inform you and send you the same product without repair or replacement to your home.

In the event that the product is received with a linked account (ICloud, Gmail or similar) the device cannot be returned.

In the event that the device is shipped without any of its accessories, an amount of € 6.99 will be deducted for each of the accessories that have not been included.